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Natalie King

I need immediate assistance. My phone is falling apart and needs to be replaced. I bought a new phone and can't get customer service to help me set up my new phone. I have no choice to port out my phone number to a different phone service. I found the pin number I need to port it out, but I can't find my account number ANYWHERE. I've looked at every bill, in my whole dashboard, account settings etc. Anyone having any success finding their account number? I really would rather not switch phone carriers right now, but without customer support I don't have a choice. And I can't get customer support to even tell me my account number. What a nightmare.


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    Bahareh Rahimi

    Hi Natalie!

    Thanks for reaching out. We understand how you are feeling and apologize for the technical issues our customer service team is facing. Your port out information can be found under account settings when you sign into your Ting account but I've followed up with you via email as well.


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