Fourth try at having Online Chat set up account so that the plastic object Ting sold me can be used as a telephone. Still No Success

I have spent at least 14 hours in the last three days trying to get my Ting Samsung A23 5G to make telephone calls. This one took about an hour and required that I manually enter all of the APN information.  Now it will make some calls and the "You are not on a network" message has apparently been solved.  Now it simply times out on the dialing.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it does no. Any suggestions a s to who at Tinhg can solve this problem? 



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  • Hi George! 

    We're sorry to know about the issues you've been experiencing. This sounds like a network coverage issue. I just responded to one of your emails asking you to provide me with your full address in order to run a full check on whether the coverage in the area is compatible with the bands your device has. I'll be looking forward to your response.


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