Need help to activate new phones

Francis Edmond Dechert

We've been trying to activate our new phones for a couple of days but have gotten an error message after entering our new SIM numbers that says we don't have subscription information. No other directions are offered and since we've put in help tickets and tried to call with no response, I'm not sure what we should do to get our phones activated. We've been with Ting for a couple of years, so we're just trying to move existing numbers to new phones. Any suggestions are welcome.



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    Nick Holmes

    Ya good luck!! I have been trying to activate a phone for 3 weeks now. Customer service isn't available. I have put in countless tickets. How can this place just not provide customer service?

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    Kim D

    Hey there, 

    We'd be happy to help activate your devices for you. Our live chat is back online, and you can also reach out to us on our many social platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and Instagram. 

    Talk soon! 


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