Need urgent support to cancel account. Customer Service has been down over a week.

My company has a business account and we'd like to cancel service immediately. Our billing cycle restarts this week. I have been calling since last week - systems are down. I have been emailing - no response. I spent hours on chat with reps who say they cannot help. If ANYONE at Ting can please contact me, I would greatly appreciate it. We have been customers for over 7 years.



  • Same!  Calls and chats are disconnected or I'm told I don't have an account?!?  I've ported my number and will contest any charge made to my credit card.  It's an FCC violation to conduct "business" in this manner.

  • Hello Jackson and Lisa,

    Jackson - Thanks for reaching out and we're sorry about the trouble reaching out to our support team! Our support team is facing technical issues but it looks like you got through to them yesterday. 

    Lisa - We've responded to your other comment but I've followed up with you through your email as well.

    We appreciate your patience.


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