Why is ting support closed now for 3 days?

I tried last Friday, now Tuesday.

They're support line voice message says their offices are currently closed, call back between 6am and 9pm Mountain time. Well it's 11:30am Pacific time, so why are they closed? Why were they closed last Friday during business hours? The last 3 months I've had a very difficult time getting help with pretty simple issues. Concerning...



  • This is unacceptable.  Unable to call ANY number.  I get disconnected or a recording telling me to call during business hours (at 2:00PM CST).  I even get disconnected on chat.  They tried to say I didn't have an account - I guess because I was requesting to close my account.  I got my number ported to RedPocket.  Cheaper rates AND actual customer service. 

  • Hi Brett!

    Thanks for reaching out! Our customer support team is currently facing technical issues but we do see that you got through to our chat support. We do apologize for any inconvenience this has caused!

  • Hi Lisa! 

    Our customer support team is facing technical issues but our live chat is available to help!

    When all active lines on an account are ported out or expired, the account automatically goes dormant. Once the final bill clears (we're a postpaid service), the account will automatically cancel itself. No further action would be required to cancel.

  • Ting's customer support has been down for a few weeks now.  There is no help available.  Chat seems to be the only way to get help and when I asked them about the customer service they said they were having technical difficulties.  Do I really want to stay with a communications company that has had technical difficulties with their customer service for more than a week?

  • Hi Tina, 

     I understand your frustration and wanted to let you know that our systems are back up and running now. If you need assistance our live customer support representatives are available by phone or online chat and would be more than happy to lend a hand. We all appreciate everyone's patience as our teams dealt with the system outage issues that had affected our customer support. 

  • I have always been able to call Canada free. Tonight there was a recording saying "pleasant while connect your call." Then after a time asked me to press the pound key to continue my call. Then when I did it asked again and disconnected me. I called customer service which has always been stellar but is no longer open. I wondered what was going to happen when they stopped supporting the app. It's not easy to alway get online to deal with things. :(

  • Hi Robin,

     Our phone support is back up and running and can assist with investigating this issue. The experience you are having trying to call a number in Canada definitely seems odd and would need to be looked at. I'll link you to the support page with our phone number here.

  • Hi Lilian, 

     Our support is available and the system errors that were being experienced have been dealt with. If you have any support-related questions or concerns our team would be more than happy to look into them for you. I can link you to them here.  

  • Are you sure it is resolved?

  • Hi David,

     Customer support is back up and available. Live support representatives are available from 8 am to 11 pm ET and can be reached here.


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