Bad Driver today on I25 on 3/29/2023 around 4:30PM MT

Suzy Schuepbach

I experienced a truck on my bumper today on I25 in the fast lane on 3/29/2023 around 4:30PM MT.  He was the closest I have ever seen anyone tailgate, while I was doing 80-85 miles an hour, following the rest of the traffic.  He then proceeded around me and then cut me off in the fast name tailgating the guy in front of him near Castle Pines, Castle Rock.  Very scary!
I got his license plate - WOH-491.  He was driving a ting chevy white truck.  I did not call him in for dangerous driving to the police.  However, I hope you give them a warning and if others experience the same type of road rage that he gets laid off.  Not safe!


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    Bryce W

    Hi Suzy, 

     Thanks for reaching out and letting us know. I'm going to pass this along to our construction team to investigate. This is definitely not the type of experience that we want members of our community to have with Ting. 


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