Cancel account
We moved from a Ting service area to a state that does not offer Ting. I called to cancel in November. Was charged for December, January, and February. I didn’t notice the charges until February. I sent numerous emails without receiving a response. I called again in February and was credited the the months charged and was assured my account was closed. In March I was charged AGAIN!! There isn’t a way to cancel online or to remove my payment information. This should not be happening and although I was happy with my internet service while we had it I am annoyed that this is happening. This should not be happening and I need it resolved! What else can I do besides continuing to have to call and cancel over and over?


  • Hi Megan, 

     Thanks for reaching out here on the forums. I see that you did reach out to our support team who has helped with this issue. I'm going to follow up with our support team to see how the cancellation was not completed last year when you first requested as this is not the experience that we want people to have with our services. If there are any other issues please feel free to contact our live support again or if you respond to the email from our representative today it will get you in touch with us as well. 

  • Thank you! I did speak with someone again today who canceled my account. My last concern is there is a pending charge for potentially next month that hopefully will not go through now that I’ve canceled (again 🙃)


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