Can't send photos from phone to email. Ting says iphone 6s+ incompatible. I doubt it.

Gregory Knox
I' have three iphone 6s+ phones which work fine except that we are unable to send photos from the phone to any email account. Ting support is saying that this is because they are incompatible. I find this to be questionable since I doubt the protocol for sending image data to email has changed recently.
Anyone know if Ting is blowing smoke or if that's really the problem? Thanks.



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    David Sherrod

    We just retired our 6S+ because it can no longer update to the latest iOS. Not sure if that is your problem or not? Our oldest iphone is now a 8+ and it has no problems sending photos to an email account. The 8+ is able to update to the latest iOS.

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    Bryce W

    Strange. It could be the iOS if it's not updated but you could also try resetting the network settings to see if that clears anything up. This will reset all your network settings. It will erase and set on default all your WiFi settings, Bluetooth settings, as well as other settings like Hotspot. So, when you finish these steps, make sure to add those settings again.

    If it's still not working after that I might suggest reaching out on the iPhone sub reddit for suggestions on solutions as well. The collective group there is large and may have seen this issue before


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