I'm in Carlsbad.  My town is now a Ting Town!

I just preordered fiber internet, but I have no idea what the timeframe is for installation.  Days?  Months?  Sometime this year?!


I'm just trying to plan my life and it would be nice to have some sort of timeframe.  Thanks!



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  • Hi Adam, 

     Thanks for reaching out and for your enthusiasm for Ting Internet. Our network partner Ubiquity is building the network as fast as possible so that they can bring fiber internet to those that want it. The process is in the early going and we don't have specific time frames to share at the moment (meaning it will still be a bit) but we do have our construction update page set up for Carlsbad which will give updates monthly. I can link you to it here.

     It's also worth noting that with being pre-ordered our team will reach out as soon as they are able to schedule an installation so you won't be missed when the time comes to bring crazy fast internet to your home. 


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