WTF with making international calls

scott hampton

Okay, kids. This is nuking futs. 

TWO WEEKS now I can't call internationally. It's just part of my professional life and so, hey, no big deal.

I have wasted *hours* on phone w/ tech support (PS, wtf on that also, y'all rocked for years). NOTHING WORKS.

And when I try to call internationally, I get routed through some bullshit ten layer useless thing from boost mobile? Boost mobile? Dafuk? Not that I can actually connect to anyone, it just wastes more time.

As an independent, I just need the basic tech to work the way I pay for it. 

Also - what in hell is going on with customer service? 


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    Bryce W

    Hi Scott,

     Thanks for reaching out on the forums here and sorry to hear you are having issues with calling internationally. I can share the FAQ guide we have on International Calling but this sounds more like a network issue and customer support would be the ones who would be able to investigate this issue for you. 

     I'll pass along your recent frustrations to our team for feedback and get some coaching applied as this is not the experience we want people to have with Ting. 


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