What do I need to do for international travel?


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  • Hi Luann, 

     Thanks for reaching out here on the forums. For international travel there are a few things you'll need to do before you leave to make sure you have coverage. First is to make sure we have International Roaming in the location(s) that you will be visiting. This can be done by checking our international cover here.

     It's important to note that we have two different network options here at Ting, V1 and GSM, and they both have different International Roaming options. V1 only offers international roaming in Mexico and Canada. Our GSM SIM offers many more places. If you don't know which network you are on this information can be found in your Ting My Account in the Device Settings tab. 

     Once you determine if we have coverage in the location(s) you are going and that you have a SIM that allows access, you will then need to make sure that international roaming is enabled on your account. I can link you to our guide that will walk you through those steps here.

     I'll also say that depending on how long you are going for you may want to consider a local SIM to save on costs. International Roaming can get expensive if it's for a long time and grabbing a local SIM can really help save on costs. 


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