Question about internet availbility in Charlottesville

Hello! I live in the Belmont neighborhood of Charlottesville. This is one of the first neighborhoods Ting "completed" 6-7 years ago. A post on this forum in 2019 said Belmont was being overbuilt for additional customer capacity. I live on a street that has no Ting service, but every street it connects to does. (I can see houses with Ting from my window and saw a neighboring brand new apartment building get hooked up with Ting a few weeks ago. I pre-ordered last year and inquired about this with support, but can never get anything more than a scripted response that I'll be notified when Ting is ready. The Charlottesville Construction blog hasn't been updated in 7 months and is no longer mentioning any neighborhoods in the city limits. Is there a way to know if I'll ever be able to get service? I appreciate it!



  • Hey Ryan, 

     Thanks for reaching out here on the forums. Belmont is one of the areas in Charlottesville where we have only been able to have so many active customers because of the capacity of the network that was built. We've expanded as much as possible with the available infrastructure, so until something changes we won't be able to add new customers to the network. To pull the curtain back this has a lot to do with the utility poles that are used to supply the fiber. The poles are owned by other companies and we need them to allow us access or for them to create more access so that we can connect someone to the network. There are a lot of hurdles and challenges with this. But I would not say it won't ever happen, it's something that we are constantly looking to improve. There just won't be any update until there is and there's no time frame on this. 

     As for the construction blog that can probably be taken down (I'll pass it along to our team) as we have a new landing page for Construction that I can link you to here. It will show you where we have capacity restraints and also have updates on where we are going next. 

     I know this was probably not the answer you were probably looking for but I hope it provides some more information.

  • Hi there,

    That's a very helpful response and provides a lot more context behind what I've observed. I wish it were better news but good to know.

    Thanks for the link to the new Construction page. That is a huge improvement, I just wasn't able to find it by searching the site. I'll bookmark it!



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