iPhone data usage keeps increasing???

Victor Fettig
My family has been on Ting for a few years now, and I’ve never had any problems with data usage. But for some reason, my usage on my iPhone started rapidly increasing a few months ago and it won’t stop no matter what I do. I turn off data whenever I’m on wifi, turned on low data mode, turned off data for at least half of my apps, turned off wifi assist, stopped sharing my location, etc. and it’s still increasing somehow. There’s five phones on our plan but mine is the only one that’s doing this, and I really can’t afford it. I don’t know what to do but I’ll try anything at this point, please help


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    Bryce W

    Hi Victor, 

     Thanks for reaching out to us here on the forums. Our customer support team wouldn't be able to see which apps are using data on your phone but what I might suggest is pinpointing on your phone what is using the data. I can link you to an article that walks through how to check that and also gives some tips for limiting data usage here. If you can find an app that is using a lot of data you can turn it off and use it on wifi only to stop the data consumption. 

     It looks like you have listed most of the usual suspects for how to stop data usage but the one I don't see which might be worth a shot is "Background Data Refresh" turned off. They have a walk-through on how to do that in the guide I sent you above. I would also make sure that your iOS is up to date too as this can cause issues if there was an update that was/is needed.

     If you start with this and are still having issues I might suggest reaching out to a larger source of knowledge of the phone. The Apple Forums have some very active people on there who might have had the same experience as you.


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