Huge jump in date usage

Paul Lundgren

I have two iPhones. For years our usage has been around 500MB. The last two months we have been changed double that. Nothing has changed. Same phones, same service, same habits.

There are many posts here about unusual data usage with no useful explanations offered. It would be nice to know definitively what is going on. Apparently most people don't care and just pay it. Ting's reputation would increase significantly of they would contribute something helpful here.


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    Brett Wallace

    Hey Paul! If you're curious about a more detailed breakdown about data usage, reaching out to Support ( will be your best option. To answer your comment regarding being unable to definitively say what is causing the increase in data usage, the simple answer is Ting doesn't definitively know what on your device is using data. For privacy/security reasons, the only information passed onto Ting is how much data your device requests from the network, not what it was for. So, while Support can tell you how much data you used and when you used it, we wouldn't be able to say if it was a YouTube video or an App Store download. I hope this helps!


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