The Ting mobile site sucks!

Jeff Grace

I have never had an easy time dealing with Ting site issues. You name it. The simplest thing you can think of... it never works! Never! 

It reminds me of the computer lab I had back in college, where the IT guy had the site locked down so hard that everything was a hassle! Same thing here. Just adding my new payment method took me 4 days and four or five emails! Finally! I had to get another credit card, just to make it work! 

Ridiculous! When Ting gets their TING together, I'll be the first to let you all know! 

- jef G


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    Rod McRae

    Hey Jeff, sorry to hear about the trouble you had getting your card uploaded and other issues you have had with the website. We try to make the experience as user-friendly as possible. If you have any constructive feedback for the website, just let us know. If you would like to see if we can figure out why you had trouble adding your card, then please contact customer support. 


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