2fa is horrible, access to activity detail is horrible

Jay Ohman

Ting used to be so easy and user friendly, we have been a customer for 10 years now, and have refered several new customers to Ting.

The two-factor-authentication now forced on us is a horrible experience.  Trying to allow access to our Ting account for my wife, our accountant, and myself is near impossible.  PLEASE Ting! give us "confirmation email" as an option for 2fa, that works very well for us.

We very much miss the ability to download our activity for the month in a .CSV file.  Having to call in to tech support just to get our activity detail is a horrible waste of time, at least 5 minutes for what used to take 10 seconds, horrible.

Indeed, I was just now talking a support technician for over 20 minutes(!) trying to get my account activity files.  She needed me to say the email address to send the files to, and she couldn't tell it to me, WHAT?!!  I was authenticated with PIN, but the email address on file is a secret?  Nothing I offered was acceptable, we have our own domain name, with several email aliases efficiently directing emails to me and my staff as needed.  Finally I figured out she needed our Ting login email address, ugh, why couldn't she just say that?!  Again, more wasted time and aggravation.

PLEASE consider Ting!  This is not the level of service we fell in love with!  These issues can be easily fixed.



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