Can’t use phone in Italy

Michael Winnick
My wife’s phone cannot make or receive calls. We’re in Italy. I have contacted Ting support an they told me they reconfigured her international settings and We should recycle the phone and try again. It still does not work. We keep getting a message that her number is not active. I have written back to support daily for the past 5 days and no one is responding to my emails. It seems support has gone downhill. Can anyone provide any thoughts on the problem?



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    Brett Wallace

    Hey Michael! Sorry to hear that you're having issues using your device while traveling. From what you've noted in your original post if Support needed to set up international roaming features while you were already abroad, the device may not be able to properly provision to receive that update. Typically the device will need to receive a provisioning update while in the US to let it know that the settings have been updated. 

    Usually, the best way to contact Support while traveling abroad is via chat ( This way they can troubleshoot the issue in real time and hopefully get your device up and running.

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    Ivan D. Sobin

    I'm having the same problem. While in the US a week before we traveled, I called a ting rep and signed up for international service. We are in Italy and neither of our phones can call out, even if we have WiFi. I did receive two calls I could answer, but can't call out. With WiFi I can open emails, but without WiFi I can't use the phone at all. No GPS mapping for instance. I have been chatting with 5 different reps today and they haven't helped. The last rep told me that since I have only been with ting 2 months, I'm not eligible to even get international service. Why wasn't I told that up front. Now I'm in Europe for several weeks with a phone I can't use. As soon as I get home, I'll change phone companies.


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