How do I get my Ting phone unlocked?

James C Lamar

I bought a Galaxy A14 5G from Ting in May 2023 when I start using Ting as a network provider.  10 days ago for whatever reason I could no longer receive Ting(T-Mobile network) at my home, so I switched carriers. My wife's phone bought from Amazon switched with no problem. When I placed the new carriers sim card in my Ting phone however I got a "Phone locked. Contact customer service." message. I restarted the phone and got the same result. I contacted Ting support 3 times, was told Ting doesn't lock phones and given a few things to try none of which helped and was told to contact Samsung tech support. Samsung tech support told me Samsung doesn't lock phones, the carriers lock them. The sim card from the new carrier works fine in another phone I have. I factory reset the Ting phone, it's still locked with sim cards from Verizon and Cricket, and still unlocked with a Ting sim card. How do I unlock my Ting phone?



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