4 inch android phone

I saw on twitter the guys taking suggestions for phones and I don't know if this is the right place to post this, but the phones that are currently available are either way too big or too small for my liking. I am planning to switch to ting, but having a device I like would make it a definite. 

Suggestions (in no order):

Nexus S

DROID Incredible 2

EVO Design 4g



  • This is one of my requests, too. I'd really like the Samsung Epic 4G
    because I like physical keyboards.

  • Agreed! This is the primary reason I decided to order the Kyocera Brio. Hopefully I can get the esn flashed on my Droid Incredible 2!

  • Cool - I hope you succeed sir!

  • From the August 2nd "Device Update" blog entry:

    We’re continuously working to get the gear you want into our lineup. In our next device update, we’ll have some more exciting news on this front. Spoiler alert: that means things like an LTE hotspot, a mid-range LTE smartphone, an inexpensive slider, an accessible phone for the visually impaired or really, anyone that prefers big buttons and large fonts and the very early stages of a bring your own device plan.

    So maybe Ting won't have to carry you Droid Incredible 2s or your Samsung Epic 4Gs for you to get them working on Ting for too much longer.

  • That would be great. My Ting HTC Detail is pretty good, but I miss my retired Epic 4G. If the pricing is very reasonable, I may choose to bring it out of retirement.

  • There is a bit of a gap in the market with smaller screens for portability and big screens for maximum visibility.

    We'll always be looking for options to bring greater variety to the devices offered and if we have the option of providing a medium sized ("goldilocks") screen, we'll certainly do so. Keep an eye on the blog for updates on upcoming devices.

  • BYOD makes the requested phones possible now. Mark as done?

  • I agree this should be marked as dons. Ting's solution is here. https://ting.com/devices/Samsung-Galaxy-Victory

  • Yeah - I don't see a way to do it myself, but if anyone from Ting wants to mark it as complete, that would be cool. 

  • Marked as done. :)


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