Additional service level choices, perhaps?

A suggestion I'm hoping some one at Ting will consider: 

As I gaze upon the service options that Ting is offering; it strikes me that there seems to be something missing between the small and medium levels.  For example, I'm thinking the small choices could be adjusted to allow for something like a 250 minute and 250MB choices for an additional $3.   Something like that; doesn't have to be 250 but something less than 500 and more than 100 (I would say no more than 200 units) and costing no more than $3.  Not sure about the texts since the jump in difference is so extreme for so little a cost in that regard.

 I'm sure things will work out fine as they are, I'm just sayin' seems like there almost needs to be something between 100 and 500.  Since Ting is so young, there is plenty of room to adjust into the role you are seeking to fill in the market.



  • I would also like to see a middle level on MB, something between 100 and 500.

  • I, also, would like this. I suspect (though I don't know for sure, haven't been here for too many months) that I'll end up floating right at 200 minutes or so, which is a darn shame given the cost difference.

    PLEASE give us a 100, 250, 500 tiering structure for maybe $3, $6 & $9. Not sure what to do about data, but something similar would not be remiss.

    Keep up the great work, and thank you!

  • Even though this is marked as "Not Planned" I'd really like to bump it with my support. After adding a second person/line to my plan, we are at 109 minutes with 12 days left in the month. We MIGHT make  it up to 200 or so minutes somehow, but there is no way we will ever use 500 minutes. I fear that this will become a reoccurring issue most months since this month is pretty representative of an average month in terms of phone usage, and it feels like I'm wasting the minutes that I'm being billed for. If we only use 100 minutes, we'll be billed $3 for minutes. However, if we use 200 minutes, we'll be billed 3x that amount for only 2x the usage.

    I know it seems silly to complain about $3 a month (or $6 if I were billed for what I actually use) vs $9 a month, but I joined Ting because you guys make sense and this doesn't really make sense to me.


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