API for gathering account data or making changes.

Would it be possible for an account stats and configuration API? I looked through your site code and it seems like there is a lot of JSON like stuff. I think I'd be able to do some fancy text mangling to get it, but an actual API would be a lot more handy.

Some things I could imagine I would use such a feature for...

  • Event-based account changes. E.g. don't allow texts or calls after 9pm for your teenage daughter.
  • Easy usage data exporting for presentations, records preservation, etc.


Josh Erickson



  • I think that building an API could solve many more problems than just consumer requests for information. I'm sure business customers would like a reliable and programmatic way to interact with their accounts. Internal processes at Ting might benefit from one as well. It would certainly be an investment, but one that would result in a well designed system that can be used in many different ways by many different stakeholders.


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