Land -line replacement

I would love to replace my land line with Ting (already have 2 Ting mobile devices).  Would be awesome if there was some device like a mobile hotspot that could plug into a land line jack like phone service via cable modem does that would let me use land line phones throughout the house but have the calls routed through Ting.



  • You don't want to use cell phone service for this, you want to use VoIP. Presumably you already have internet access at home (cable modem, as mentioned), so the next step is to buy a cheap ATA that will serve as your gateway out to the VSP (VoIP service provider).

    Buy something like this: It's a VoIP adapter that will take a standard line phone and bridge it to VoIP service going out to the internet.

    Then subscribe to voip service from some reputable service like vitelity. You can just pay for outgoing calls per minute (usually around 1.5 cents per min) if you prefer and not even have an actual phone number for the analog phones. That would mean those phones would never ring, and would only be used to make outgoing calls. Alternatively, you could pay a monthly fee (usually around $2 a month) to get a phone number as well.

  • Can't you use Google Voice to forward calls to other phones? So you would hand out your GV number as your "land line" and it rings all of your cell phones when someone calls.


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