Editing of comments on "Ting Help & Support" threads

It looks like if you create a new thread, you can edit your original discussion (i.e discussion thread 0), but if you add a comment to the thread, you cannot edit afterwards (i.e. discussion threads 1,2,3,...).

It would be nice to be able to edit comments... 



  • Hey Frank,

    As an admin, I can edit comments (I actually edit quite a few of them for clarity, etc)... I didn't realize that non-admins *couldn't* edit their own comments. It would be nice to allow for this... even if it's for 15 minutes after the comment is published. We use Zendesk as our forum software... I'll ping them and see what options we have here. If none, I'll put in a feature request.

    Thanks for the suggestion,


  • I like the 15 min. idea...that is what I am really looking for.

    I always find mistakes AFTER I hit the "Save Comment" button...

  • It looks like editing comments isn't currently supported by Zendesk, although looking through their support forums thread, it's an often requested feature. Hopefully we'll see it one day.

  • It would be nice if they allowed a short window for edits. Most social sites don't allow you to edit posts/comments because they become part of the public record and they don't want you changing what you said and making the other people in the thread look silly. :)

    Since this is essentially out of our hands I'm marking it as "not planned" for now.

    Thanks though!


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