Community-editable wiki

There is a lot of information scattered all over the forums. They are a great source of information, but it  can take a long time to find desired information, and things are often not organized optimally.

If there was a community wiki, then we could help consolidate the most useful information in a coherent fashion and make this a valuable source of knowledge.

If desired, Ting/admins could manage the overall structure and sections (just like in the forums now), but subsections below that could be open to content management by users of the community.



  • Hey Ryan,

    Thanks for this suggestion, I agree that the info could be better organized, and it would be great to have something that you guys could easily contribute to. We will look at our options and let you know what we come up with. If anyone else thinks a wiki is a good idea, or has other suggestions, please chime in!



  • The ability to PM in the forums would be nice as well. It could be useful to setup a buy/sell/trade forum and private messages are important for that process.

  • Just further to this, I was wondering if anyone was interested in volunteering to help contribute content and work on building a better hacking resource / guides. We would be happy to provide devices, goodies, and service credits to interested parties. Contact me if you are interested, scott at ting dot com. Thanks!


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