"Megabyte details" -- breakdown by device

Patti Beadles

I'm looking at the details of my data usage, and wishing that I could filter it by device so that I could figure out how much my phone uses vs. how much I use from my hotspot.  All of the information is on the screen, but there's no good way to roll it up.

Alternately, if I could download my usage in a CSV or some other format, that would be excellent.  



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    Ken Schafer

    Good news! Well, good news in the long run.

    While it's not easy to do what you want now it WILL be easy later this summer when we release the next version of the Dashboard.

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    Andrew Allen

    Awesome! I'm thinking about adding a phone for a 12 year old, and I want to be able to track the split of how many minutes/texts/megabytes she uses vs. how many I use.

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    Rosi Genz

    There's a great Android app out there that I've been using to determine how much data a particular application uses.  It's called Cisco Data Meter.  It's on Google Play for free.  There's two categories...  Cell and WiFi.  It shows a timeline per day, and totals for the month for each application, and an estimation screen.  You can set a "limit" and it will give you your "projected overage".

    Here's the "About this app":

    "Track your bandwidth consumption and understand when your usage may exceed your mobile data plan limit.  Learn what apps you use most and how much data each app consumes as a percentage of your overall usage.  Perform real-time speed tests to see your current download/upload speeds and latency."

    Will G.


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