Advanced Reporting on Website

I'd love to see, on the reporting pages, the ability to do more advanced data mining (or at least have an export link) so that I could find the answers to questions like:

  • Who do I/we spend the most time talking to on the phone?
  • Who do I/we call most often?
  • Who do I/we text the most?
  • Who calls us the most?

A lot of it could be done with filtering or sorting.



  • They have said in other posts that they are planning on adding an export functionality in the not too distant future.

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  • We'll be adding the ability to download the detail on your billing details as a .csv file so you can do this sort of analysis yourself. 

    I can imagine us offering something like this someday in the future but we don't currently plan on integrating it directly into the site as people's needs around this type of advanced data analysis will probably be so varied it will be hard to capture in a simple tool.

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