Guest account access

Andrew Kuhn

Sometimes it would be nice to give a spouse or other relative on your account the ability to see what you see, but you don't want them to change anything. Having read-only access for accounts built into the site reduces the possibility of lost/stolen/misplaced passwords and hacked accounts.



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    Ken Schafer

    Thanks for the suggestion.

    We're considering allowing for a "Master Account" with full access that can give others different levels of permission to the account. We're thinking though that it might be easier to give read only access via our planned (but not yet in serious development) Android App.

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    Mark Jones

    Considering how well the website works in Chrome and dolphin browser, that would just be throwing money away.  Why not just give us read only access on the web interface and be done with it.  That covers both platforms, and quite frankly I don't know why you NEED to develop an android app, yea, it sounds "cool", but freaking useless.  What exactly would it do?


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