Allow customers to write reviews for devices they've purchased

Ting has a great community of users, and a bunch of cool devices on offer.  Put these two together, and let us review the devices you guys offer.  If you want, you could limit it to people who have bought the device through Ting, so you know they actually have it and aren't sockpuppets.  

Buying a new phone is a pretty big decision, especially when you're talking about the top end.  There are other reviews out there, sure, and plenty of sites offer lots of in-depth info, but I think there's a few reasons Ting should let us review the devices we buy.

1.) It gives potential phone buyers information on how the device performs on the Ting/Sprint network specifically, as opposed to alot of reviews which tend to test on Verizon or AT&T. *grumbles at the death star*

2.) It gives Ting feedback on what the phones customers like, which helps for curating the devices you offer.  

3.) It helps you guys sell devices, and thereby bring in new customers.  When a new potential customer comes in, they're gonna look at the plan and the phones, not the forums.  Seeing those reviews is likely to be the first hint to a potential customer that there's a great community of geeky users lurking in the background. 

4.) It helps you guys keep customers.  If someone buys a device that's a bad fit for them, they're not going to be satisfied with their experience, and be more likely to jump ship to a different carrier and device.  This is especially true when they're paying full price up front for the device, since there's no psychological benefit of "oh, it's ok that the phone stinks, since it was the 'free' one."  If people pick a great device for them, they're more likely to stick around.  This is especially true for online sales of a phone, where people can't touch it before buying.

5.)  More information is always good.



  • I love when people ask for things we're already working on!

    We just launched the new Your Account section in Preview. That was a big chunk of work and we'll be continuing to refine that over the next few weeks before making it official and retiring the old one. Our next big project is redesigning the way we display devices on the site and adding comments to each device's page is one of the items on the list.

    So yes, it is planned. Good idea! :)

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  • That's great Ken! I was about to ask about being able to review phones too. I'm getting my new phone today and would definitely review it once you guys get this update in place.

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  • Thanks for your suggestion Peter... we added the functionality to review devices some time ago, but it looks like we missed marking it as completed in the forums. 

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