Buy/sell ESN Checker

Add a tool to your website, where before buying a device, you can check to make sure its ESN is good and compatible with Ting.



  • Interesting idea.

    I'm not sure we'd have the ability to check compatibility for non-Ting phones though. I'm guessing there are privacy issues that would prevent us from finding out what phone you were using and what provider you were on. Not sure though.

    We'll give it some thought but it's probably a long-shot.

    Thanks though!

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  • It looks like all the sites that offer to check ESNs online are broken that I can find: - always reports that the ESN can't be checked - always returns errorCREDIT or just now when I tried died with HTTP 500

    The "bad" way I discovered was to start the activation process on Ting.  Works great if the ESN is bad for either credit or reported stolen, but if the ESN is good, Ting will add it to your account, but if you don't end up with the phone, it makes a mess.

    So the best option at this point is to do a chat or call Sprint and ask them.

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  • Mike, thanks for taking the time to write. We are working on something that will improve this!

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