Smaller "Small" Text Plan

Dan Brown

Kind of a minor idea, but I suspect there are more people out there like me, who use Email for pretty much everything, and text very, VERY seldom.  


There are really only two reasons I would receive a text message at this point (and I never send them):

1: One of my friends didn't get the message that I don't DO text messaging.

2: A necessary text, like an account-confirmation number or something of that kind.


The second item precludes me from simply de-activating text from my device entirely, but the former means that if one of my friends drunk-spams their friends list, I end up with ONE text message on my bill for the month, and that single message kicks me up to a full hundred messages, and costs me $3!  That's one hella-pricey text message.  


I would propose that a $.50 "Tiny" package or something like that, call it 10 messages or so, would be very nice.  That way, the person in my boat who doesn't send any, but occasionally has one show up, doesn't end up coughing up for a service that's over 95% wasted.  


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    Dan Brown

    Ah, as I open more pages here, I see this has been proposed many times in many variations before.  Good to know I'm not the ONLY person trying to find a solution for this minor annoyance.  And that's really all it is, I mean, I spend more on a single coffee than I do with this all month.  Just one of those things that makes me go "argh!" because I can't do anything about it.  


    Please don't take me wrong, overall, even WITH the single $3 text message added in, I'm STILL paying half of my old Verizon bill (dumb phone, talk only) for a smartphone and everything I consume in a month.  


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