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It would be nice if there were an option to designate a phone as Home or Business.

Then, on the monthly statement, have a link to expand out and separate them:

Calculate and sum (Usage of Particular Service on Business Phone)/(Usage of Particular Service on All Phones)*(Cost of Particular Service That Month). Sum all of these up. I'm thinking three columns, Home, Business, Total, % Business.

Specifically, the fact that Ting per-MB/per-minute/per-text rates are *strictly decreasing* with total usage means that, for example, if I run up a lot of data usage on Home, it actually makes the total Business expense, as calculated above, go down. So there is no spillover that could possibly increase the amount marked as a business expense.

This would allow all home and business accounts to be on the same account, and provide proper accounting to the IRS of % Business Use. Would be *very* valuable.

Also, please consider giving the Billing History an extra row after each sorted year showing the total for that year. If this also had a link to expand out as mentioned above, that would be *fantastic*.




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  • Interesting ideas James, thanks.

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