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There is a lot to be desired with the current LNP process I would love to see some improvements in the process.  I wanted to right about my experience and give some ideas on ways to improve the customer experience based on my experience so far.  I worked for a VOIP company as an agent for about 2.5yrs so I am familiar with the pains of LNP transfers and the headaches trying to get troublesome LNPs to go through so I am not upset just providing feedback.


I am currently attempting to port my sprint number to a placeholder device(Grandmas device) on my account and then do BYOSD afterwards(Will have two lines once done, BYOSD device and grandmas flipphone).

My experience so far

I submitted my LNP request by clicking "port a number to this device" on the Devices page. After doing this I got a green confirmation page saying it was submitted.

After that page there is no visual indication that the LNP is in process on your account page once you submit it . I did not receive any email confirmation either letting me know it was submitted. 

Simple solution just send a confirmation email saying Your number blah blah has been submitted and then any helpful information on timeframe to wait. (The number confirmation is important as typing incorrect numbers is really easy to do.)

I called shortly after submitting the LNP because I didn't see any way to track the transfer.  I found out it wasn't really submitted and the rep had to manually submit it for me and gave a 24 hour response time. Glad I called! 

Still no email confirmation or any way to confirm on my end it was submitted.

I let that 24 hours pass before calling to find out that it wasn't going through correctly. Not really sure why exactly, something about it saying the number didn't exist, and that I would receive a call back shortly. I waited about an hour before calling back and as far as that rep knew the previous agent was still working it. That rep at least put in a reference ticket for me so now I at least I have a way to have the issue tracked when speaking with different agents.

Suggestion just go ahead and send an email reference ticket if having to hang up to further work on an issue.

That is my experience so far the biggest complaint I have is there is nothing from my side to visually see a transfer is in progress(unless I am missing something?) and there was no notification that there was a problem so it appears if I didn't call nothing would be being done on the issue.  I'll update further as I get more information.

At least the phone is answered super quick so someone helpful is never hard to reach! :D



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    After transferring in a few others numbers since my first transfer experience(which took about 2 weeks) to Ting its apparent my issue was a one-off. Considering the normal transfer time is only a few hours a tracker is not needed.

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