Dashboard gauges improvement

The gauges as they are, show how much of your current plan you've used. This makes it look like one is using a lot of the service if you're approaching the upper limit of the smallest plan.  A 90% reading on a cost gauge can create a small amount of stress. Rather then that, I recommend using a gauge which spans the entire range of plan levels with marks for each increment.  People using only a little bit of data will see a gauge showing a small amount rather than a large amount.  

There is a loss of precision by using the large span but, I think you would sell more service due to the lower psychological barrier. Users would no longer be faced with a gauge saying that they've almost maxed out (their $3 plan). and get nervous.



  • I seem to remember it being like this briefly, and then being changed because it wasn't clear enough, but I'm not able to find any reference or screenshots for that at the moment. Ting rolled through a few changes during the beta period of the current dashboard.

    Anyone else have memory of this, or do I need more sleep?

  • My idea is similar to this, but more like the tachometer of a car when shifting gears. I want to shift into 2nd by clicking from S to M and watch the "Minutes" tach swing to a lower # of revs on the broader M scale. Shouldn't be difficult to implement.

  • Hi Howard,

    That isn't a bad idea, but we like to keep things as simple as possible. We believe that our interface makes it easy for our customers to see what bucket they are currently in and how close they are to the next one. For the majority of our customers, this is exactly what they are looking for. As always, thanks for the suggestion!

  • I like this suggestion and would like to suggest another approach. Different folks have different preferences. I would suggest you add a style selector. You could add the style above without disrupting folks that like it as it is. A third style would be a 0-max of current tier. That would be my preference. As it is, as you approach the upper max of the current tier, it looks like you have more available than you do. When I glance at is as it is, I think I have more and it is easier to slip into the next higher tier.

    So my suggestions would be to add a gauge style selector and that the minimum be zero-based.

    Thanks in advance for the consideration and you guys continue to surprise me with your true customer-centric approach. Many companies say it but you guys do it!  Go figure :)



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