I'd like an interface to move a ting phone number to a new phone

1) Currently there doesn't seem to be a way to migrate a number from one phone to another via the web interface, and 

2) The solution should not incur additional device fees as it appears that in order to add a phone to the account for an expected move, I've been charged for the phone that has no number assigned.



  • It's in the works (though I don't have a date to give).

  • I've done that without any trouble (Just this week).  Maybe the change was made already but this thread has not yet been switched to "DONE"

    I bring the new phone to the computer, login and activate the phone and choose an existing phone number (or new or port a number) from the choice dropdown.  The current device goes inactive and my new device has the number from the other phone.

  • Hi Duncan, thanks for the reminder. You can activate a device in your account on an existing Ting line now.


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