"Cleaner" referral links

The current form of referral links is something like this: https://<randomly generated code>.ting.com/ which is great and all if I am emailing someone or posting it to facebook.  There have been, however, times that I am talking to someone about Ting and want to either write the url and give them a referral or they'll just try and remember it.  I suggest that the referral links be something more "user friendly" like https://<username>.ting.com or https://ting.com/<name>/referral or something like that.



  • The referral links use randomized characters rather than usernames at least in part to provide privacy for people who don't want to share their identity. It's an interesting idea though, and we'll take it into consideration.

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  • Timothy - Your post gave me an idea. If you have your own domain name you can setup a subdomain and redirect or forward it to the Ting referral link. This gives a friendly link to pass along as well as being very easy to remember. In my case I created the subdomain - ting.mydomain.com:

    ting.mydomain.com -forwards to- https://_my-randomized-characters._ting.com

    It took me 15 seconds to setup in my domain registrars Control Panel and about an hour for the change to propogate out to the internet. Now I can just hand out the friendly, easy to remember link when the opportunities presents themselves. Thanks for the post!

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