Alerts Feature Request: Whitelist for Disabled Voice

Currently i can set voice minute limits on my teenagers line and the feature seemed like a good idea until i was unable to reach him because he reached his limit and was set to be disabled till the next billing cycle. It took me a day or 2 for me to realize why i couldn't reach him when calling because I ignored /forgot the alert telling me he reached his limit.

I would like to see a whitelist feature so that numbers i input can still be contacted when voice has been disabled by the alert system. maybe even include a checkbox feature  that determines incoming and outgoing access to the whitelisted numbers when checked off (ex. Can recieve calls from whitelist number, can make calls to whitelisted number).

Now i know it is fairly simple to log into Ting and adjust the settings so i can call him, wait for the settings to take hold, make the call then disable him again, but what a pain in the arse. An automated whitelist would be so much easier and safer. What if he needed to call me in an emergency. He would have to message me first to notify me he needed to call. NO GOOD IN EMERGENCY!


Also a question for Ting:

Is 911 available when the alert system has triggered the voice deactivation?


What say the other members? Would you like to see this feature added?



  • Hey,

    Thank you for the whitelist suggestion - we will definitely take the time to look into this as possible feature! As for your question about emergency calls: 911 calls will still be available even if voice service is disabled by a limit reach. 

  • I too am running into this with one caveat... Turning off the disable isn't working for me, the phones get stuck until the next billing cycle (but this is another problem altogether).

    Anyway, YES to whitelist. At the very least every phone in my account should be able to communicate, or have this option configurable, with each other.

  • Can't believe more users haven't seen this post and requested this feature. I had another incident this month where this feature would have been helpful. Has Ting "looked into adding this possible feature" yet? Whats the word on it becoming a reality and if so any possible target date for deployment?

  • We have nothing planned in our current roadmap, but we really appreciate the suggestions.

  • Today was the 4th time since starting service with Ting that the lack of a white-list has left me unable to call my kid. lack of this feature is the #1 reason i am switching away from Ting and i am already researching what carrier will get my business. Ting had best change this topic to PLANNED and provide a launch date for this feature or next month i am outa here and will stop recommending you friends.

  • We're sorry you feel that way. As mentioned above, we've looked at the viability of this feature and found that it isn't possible. There is one solution if your son is on your Ting account, you can enable his number online or through our mobile app to place a call to him and then disable the number once you've completed. The change is instant and only takes a few seconds to toggle the account.

  • I'd love to see whitelisted numbers (and possibly sites) added as a feature to settings and alerts. This would allow parents, for example, to use alerts to give each kid a 100 minute or 250 text quota for the month, unless they're calling calling a certain set of whitelisted numbers (e.g., mom, dad, grandma, etc.), which wouldn't apply toward the quota -- or to only permit multimedia messages to trusted numbers.


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