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Well here is an idea that would be helpful ME and make TING a world leader in data reporting.  Every day I log into ting to check my data usage.  Some days I find 0.4 megs and other days maybe 1.05 megs for example.  This DATA information is not very meaningful to me since it doesn't tell me WHAT the data was used FOR.

For example, yesterday I used 7.37 megs of data and i have NO IDEA what it was for.  So my recommendation would be to develop some GENERAL CATEGORIES for the Dashboard Data Reporting system.  Something like this:


The new column AMOUNT would be added and would show the AMOUNT of data used which is now shown in the USAGE column.  

A revised use for the existing USAGE column would be to show HOW the data was used.  For example some broad categories like:


Video Call/Chat

WWW or Internet Access

Data Transfer [up/down]

Application Update

and etc. with whatever categories CAN BE extracted from the data reporting ting receives.  Just thinking out loud because I have no IDEA WHAT I used 7.37 MB of data for yesterday.  

Thanks for considering this recommendation.  



Thomas Garven

Lake Havasu City, AZ 



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  • Hey Thomas!

    Thanks for the suggestion! We are always looking for ways to improve the usage details that appear on the Dashboard to make it better for our customers.

    I will pass this along on your behalf for consideration :)

    Thank you!

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