Accept Bitcoin for paying bills and purchasing devices.

Hey Ting,

The community of Bitcoin users currently do not have a mobile phone service provider that accepts Bitcoin as a form of payment. We would like to be able to support & rally behind a company that does.

For a description of what Bitcoin is, and how it works, please read here:

There is a system in place that allows merchants to easily accept Bitcoin. BitPay ( would give Ting the power to receive USD or the currency of choice, when users pay with Bitcoin.

As for the reasons to accept Bitcoin; It has been steadily growing for a long time, and the amount of users utilizing the currency is also increasing. It would also attract more attention to

Thanks for reading.



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  • Hey Jacob!

    There has been a little bit of interest in using Bitcoin as a payment option, and there is actually another thread based on this request.

    Right now I will advise that we are not looking into changing our billing system but with enough requests it's something that our developers can look into. Watch this space!

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