Alerts Suggestion - Daily threshold alerts per device

Love the custom alerts feature on the site! One of the things I love so far about Ting is it keeps you more aware of how much data/min/txt you're using.  For me this serves almost like an "incentive" to keep things minimal (after getting burned for years by the high flat rates of big cellular).  I am noticing a few days where my data use has spiked and looking back I was completely unaware that it was happening.

That said, it would be GREAT to be able to set a daily usage threshold on a per device basis.   To set up a daily alert if say my device (or all devices) data usage surpasses [X] megabytes, or my call minutes surpasses [X] minutes for that given 24hr period.

Obviously not mission critical, but it would make a great feature (alerts) even better!



  • Hey Dan!

    That's a really great suggestion. We do want to make Ting much more user focused and help keep your bills as low as they can be, and daily usage alerts could be a good way to go about that!

    What you can do now to get that same feature in am ore roundabout way is set up the alert on a daily basis. it is a little excessive in having to set it up daily, but it will work to the same affect.

    All the best!

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  • Help us train our family members to use Wi-Fi for large downloads rather than cellular data.  Without a daily alert, it is hard to catch them just after (or perhaps while)  they have done it.  My wife uses 2 to 6 mb of data per day.  So a 70mb day is out of the ordinary and she can't remember what she did that day.  

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  • I would really like to see daily controls. This would stop my son from snap-chatting because he is bored and using 100 Mb of data just for something to do. Any thoughts about some sort of enhancement to the device alerts monthly feature?

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