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The reason I use Google Voice as my Voicemail client is because they offer voice to text conversion of voicemails. Additionally, you can check your voicemail online. With Ting, you can only check voicemail from your phone or from another phone. 

I guess maybe it would be cool if Ting allowed you to listen to your voicemails from their webpage when you login to your dashboard/account in addition to being able to check your voicemail via phone. For such a techy company, this would be good feature to boast.

It would be great if you also offered voice to text conversion of voicemail, but for the time being, a simple way to check and listen your voicemail from a computer would be ideal. 



  • Hi Yelstin,

    The ability to check your voicemail online would definitely be a great feature! It is definitely something we will consider going forward.


  • How do I check my voicemail from another phone? Thanks

  • How do I access voicemail from another line?

    1) Dial your number from the external line

    2) When your voicemail greeting begins, dial * and when prompted enter the pass code.


  • Definitely web checking/downloading of voicemails and visual voicemail... c'mon, everyone's doin' it ;)

  • Sorry for double post (no edit?)!

    Along with Ting could potentially let me ditch GV (hate the UI, app and web).

    Would pay a few bucks a month for either as a premium feature, too.

  • It would be nice to be able to keep VM messages in my inbox as long as I like as long as I am within my message limit or be able to download copies of the messages for offline use.

  • I do miss the web voicemail that Cincinnati Bell Wireless had before they were borged by Verizon.

    The problem with GV is that it is free.  When a service like that is free, you are  the product.  Google has just gotten to be too big and into too much.  I shy away from it.   I'd be willing to kick in a couple of bucks or so a month for a Ting Plus, with features like a web interface for voicemail, call blocking, time limits, etc.

  • Hi Rich, 

     We're revamping our website in the coming year. I can bring this up again and see what has changed over the last couple of years. It might be something that we might not be able to do while we have two network partners but I can at least bring up the idea again. 


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