Allow for Ting App to show usage on a device, but not be able to set alerts/caps without password

Elizabeth Durkin

I got my son his first phone and want him to become a responsible user of it.  So I'd like to have the Ting app on his phone so that he can monitor his usage and see when he's getting close to moving up to the next bucket.  In other words, I want him to be able to see the Dashboard for his device.  But I don't want him to have access to the device alerts, since I want those to be only under my own control.  



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    Renny M

    Hi Elizabeth,

     It certainly would be a handy feature to have. As with all feature requests if there is a large enough base of customers who would want it, we will look into it and see what can be done.

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    Richard Everson

    I second this, my daughter has asked numerous times about her usage.  This would be very helpful.  Maybe only show usage for the phone number linked to the phone.


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