Historical per device usage and cost breakdown

Vahid Ellig

I really like the per device usage that shows throughout the current month (see attached). What I would like to see is the same list selectable per month for historical usage. Even better if this is on the phone app. Otherwise I have to try to log on the day before the billing period and copy down the numbers. If I don't then I'm stuck going through all the usage history and adding up the minutes for a particular person.

I need this because some of the people on the bill pay me for their portion of the service.

What would be even better is if you could calculate the portion of the bill that each device incurred. For instance if we were in a $25 dollar minutes bracket, divide that by the total minutes used to get cost per minute, then multiply by the minutes for that user. Do that for minutes, texts, and data, add on the $6 per device fee, add on a portion of the tax and your done.  You could even do this in real time throughout the month similar to what is done now, but to me the historical usage & cost is most important.





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    Paraic O
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    Hey Vahid!

    At the moment the only *official* way to check this out is to go to Bills and select the billing period in question. Here you can view the usage however it shows EVERYTHING in chronological order and does not fully break down the 'per device' charges.

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    Matthew Rummler
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    Just found that there is a way to get the entire history for a specific item (data, voice, text) from each months listing, in CSV format.
    This is a really manual way to attempt to get the entire history for a time period longer than a month.
    I am having to do this for a full year, so I will have 36 csv files to deal with.
    That's pretty ridiculous.
    The data is already stored somewhere and the programming is already present to turn the data into a CSV, just make a link that provides the CSV for a time frame instead of just the current month. 

    I'm confident Vahid can get what he needs from the CSV files already provided (it's what I will be doing), but what a painful process.

    Just to re-iterate, this is a great feature but providing only a month @ a time is painful. Please add the capability to pull for a date range or for larger set periods (quarter, semiannual, yearly etc...) 


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    Quentin Hartman

    The link in the answer below now goes to a click-bait / ad filled page you probably don't want to be linking to.


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