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After much deliberation for months, I finally took the plunge and signed up for Ting. My worst fears came true when I noticed that the Sprint coverage is next to nothing at my home. I have been suffering from dropped calls/no calls ever since. The call forward feature is good, but if am not in the vicinity of the forwarded call number, I have no way of knowing if someone is trying to reach me. Constantly, activating and deactivating call forward is annoying and painful. 

Simultaneous ring may help customers in giving Ting a shot, especially when they are concerned about its coverage say at home or work area. Forward 'busy signal' calls just take way too long for callers to remain on the line.

The best option would be to enable simultaneous ring of one or more than one additional numbers aka google voice advanced features.

Consider this:

  1. At home/work (no coverage), I can pick up the alternate phone.

  2. While away from home/work (say at the grocery store or mall) assuming there is coverage, I can still receive calls on my cell phone.

  3. Scheduled or geolocation based call forward will be great, but that's a long shot.



  • Hi Rishipal,

    We're unlikely to get simultaneous ring working on Sprint natively.

    But with that said, as related to the Wifi Calling plan we've discussed elsewhere, there's a very good chance that we'll introduce some advanced forwarding features like simultaneous ring and the like.



  • I also would very much like to see "simultaneous ring" available, that way it would be possible to use the nomorobo service to block robo calls but I'm fairly certain simultaneous ring will require Sprint taking action.


    @Rishipal Bansode As an alternative I use Google Voice which does simultaneous ringing plus has a lot of good call blocking features as well as generic spamcall blocking.

    I look forward to a Ting wifi calling option ... while I supposedly live in an area with good/fair Sprint coverage my home is in a node and I can only count on 1 bar  so I use an Obihai device with google voice and it works extremely well. When I'm at work or near a good wifi source I use the free Obion app which lets me make calls through my obi from anywhere.

    This has worked extremely well for me and I barely scratch the Ting S bucket and some months use nothing at all.

    Of course one thing to consider with the obi is that on  May 15th google will discontinue it's XMPP service and an equivalent or better SIP provider will cost $2 to $3 a month. So hopefully Ting will have wifi calling up and running by then.

  • @ siguie shortstrider I have a similar set up as yours for my main Sprint phone. However, GV cannot port the number I have on Ting as they don't cover the area code for porting. 

  • We have good coverage at home but not at a 2nd location where we spend about 1/3rd of our time.  Ting's call forwarding feature tries to ring the cell phone first then forwards the call to the alternate number which means a person calling us may have to let the phone ring 7 or 8 times before we are able to answer.  Most people hang up after 3 or 4 rings so we miss their call and they don't have an opportunity to leave a message.

    I love the idea of a dual ring to the cell phone and alternate number.  If that is not possible the 2nd best option for us would for the call to be diverted to the alternate number immediately.  That is how it worked with T-Mobile when I was with them.

    It would be great if Ting would stop changing the steps to access call forwarding.  It is frustrating to have to figure the new way frequently.


  • @Pat Richards, I bought an Airave on eBay and got it activated by Ting. Eversince I have a great coverage not only on my Ting device but another Sprint device that I own. Hope this helps your situation.

  • setting up Google voice would help with the simultaneous ring and when it is integrated with hangouts calling and you have wi-fi at home it will fix the Sprint coverage problem too.


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