Include 3 units of usage in the XS tier

Just throwing this out there: It would be nice if each account was allotted a bit of free usage each month. For the last two billing periods I've had to pay $3 for the usage of less than 2 text messages.


For people that don't use texting or data, but don't want to turn it off.. if only for emergency usage, it would be helpful if a free buffer was available so they didn't end up paying $3 for almost no usage.

I think it would be fair if the $6 device fee allotted you to 3 minutes, 3 texts and 3MB each month at no additional cost.


I'm not going to fret over $3 any time soon.. since I am paying much less than any alternatives anyway... but I think this would allow for a better customer experience.



  • Hi Bryan. Thanks for reaching out and sharing your thoughts. We're constantly evaluating possibilities when it comes to our price plan, but have no immediate plans to change that.

    If you're interested in this topic, please watch this video of our CEO Elliot Noss talking about Ting's model. 

  • I like this idea as well, at least for text messages.  I go for months without texting, but occasionally I'll get a spam text that costs me $3.  A small free buffer of 3 to 5 texts on the XS plan would be great.

  • This is really the only thing that keeps me completely satisfied.

    It's really frustrating to be charged $3 for a single text message.


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