More business control for a "fleet" of devices

Currently you can enter into each individual device and change various settings to help with cutting costs (which is fantastic btw!) - what would make it even better is to have the ability to change some of those settings (turn on/off call, text, data -- not all, that'd be crazy!) on the main Device Settings dash-board for all of the phones on the same account - with one easy click. It's perfectly fine if you have two phones... but if you're a business with 20+ phones on Ting it would be rather tedious to make those simple changes to each phone (heck, even having a "select all" and radio buttons next to the devices for the few options would be nice - I.E., on a retreat with your department for a couple days and WiFi is available... we could shut data off on all the phones at once or a select number of them and turn them back on when appropriate ;)





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