Free Ting to Ting

Mindi Pepper

I have been promoting Ting and absolutely love the features and services it offers. What I would like to see is free calling to other Ting customers. This is something that other companies offer and I think is a great incentive to bring in more family and friends. I currently have 2 lines on my account and my minutes/text are doubled when we contact each other. This in turn moves me into a higher bundle faster than I would like. I hope Ting takes this into consideration and moves forward with this as they have so much to offer and I am looking forward to seeing them grow.



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    Marty M

    Hi Mindi.  Thanks for the suggestion - it's one we get a lot.  Take a look at this video blog by our Director Scott Allan who talks about this and other similar suggestions:

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    Bruce Osborne

    Ting has no hidden charges. If they provided this, they would need to hide their expenses for these calls. Ting still has to pay Sprint for minutes called & received.


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