Galaxy S4 roaming options missing after latest update

A few customers have reported that roaming options are missing altogether after the latest software version update.

 This issue has been reported with the following Galaxy S4 model numbers:




This forum post will be updated with any new information on this issue.



  • Would have been nice to have known this before coming to Canada & realizing I won't have any phone service while here.  I could have brought my old phone to use instead.  An email bulletin could have been sent out to Ting customers warning them of this.  Slightly annoyed.  :(

  • Sorry to hear Albert. Sincerely. The report came from a very small percentage customers (less than 10) that were affected. I'm glad you contacted our Support Center. We'll take ownership of the problem and figure out a solution that works for you. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

  • On the advice of support, I did a factory reset of my S4 which has thankfully restored the roaming menu on my phone.  Thank you!


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