Ting-wide call and text spam rejection

I would like to propose that Ting take reports of spam calls and texts and put it in a database that allows *all* Ting customers to be saved from the hassle.


This would be a marketing ploy that would garner an "about time" response and would be great publicity.


Driving in heavy traffic, I cannot see Caller ID.  I have to stay on a budget, so I won't be able to leave data on to cross-check the number before letting it ring and so many of these numbers are spoofed an "instant feedback" from clients allows others to be spared. 


Just a thought...



  • I hate spam. You hate spam. We all hate spam. I think the challenge of creating and maintaining a spam database is that we'd always be behind the 8-ball. Spammers spread faster than viral  ice bucket challenges in the summer. They tend to hang on to one scam for a few days or weeks before moving on to the next one, by changing the number or approach. Nothing would make us happier than the end of spam. Thanks for the suggestion though.

    Also, I'd hate for you to get a ticket for talking on the cell phone while driving in traffic :)

  • Also, on a side note, my Ting number was being used by a spammer (or spammers?) who was/ were spoofing it as a cover for their own number. Just a reminder that the number on your caller ID may not be (probably is not) the number the spammer is calling from.

    And thanks to Ting for issuing me a new number.



  • Stop spam. Nomorobo can, why can't you??Stop spam. Nomorobo can, why can't you??

    No technical reason at all. Simply a lack of motivation on Ting's part.


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