Marketing Slogan Needs Revision

On your main page, you say "98% of people would save money with Ting..." That is not accurate.

  1. I hope you would agree that people exist outside the US (or is Ting support manned by robots?).

  2. Sprint coverage does not cover all the US.

Perhaps 98% of US users in the Sprint coverage area would save money with Ting, but that is much less than 98* of people or even 98% of US people.

Please update this to something that can honestly be considered close to accurate!



  • Hey Bruce,

    We're already aware. Our initial study was conducted around our launch. It may not be 98% of the all US people, but the number is still pretty high. This is in the works.

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  • I have been in marketing and advertising forever, or I wouldn't send this:

    The attached ad asking for referrals, says "you know where we are"  

    I would put a picture of a cell phone beneath that with an arrow pointing to 0  (or whatever)

    whenever I hit 0 on my Ting served phone, I get someone very nice to take care of me!

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  • Hey Georgia,

     We always appreciate feedback and suggestions from our customers. I'm going to pass your thoughts along to the marketing department that handles these sorts of things because it might be something they haven't thought of. 

    Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts!

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