Purchasing from Glyde: "Buy it" vs. "Buy it from Glyde"

As many of us know, some of the devices at www.ting.com/shop are actually not sold by Ting, but by Glyde! We do a lot to try and make this distinction clear, like marking the phone as "Used from Glyde," and forwarding those purchasing the phone to Glyde's account set-up so they can make the purchase. From time to time, we receive help request from customers who need further clarification regarding the difference between a Glyde phone and a Ting phone.

I believe I've an opportunity to make that distinction even clearer. Currently, to buy a Glyde phone you see on Ting's website, you click on the phone and then click "Buy it." 

I propose the wording of the "Buy it" button be changed to "Buy it from Glyde."



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  • Based on a few conversation I've had with customers, I agree that this change will be beneficial. Customers also mentioned that a more noticeable splash screen in addition to the above proposed change can help raise awareness that Glyde is a separate company, with different terms and conditions.

    This splash screen could include, for example, a mini FAQ with questions pertaining to Glyde devices, requirements, warranties and the BYOD activation flow. This will help make the transition from Ting to Glyde more noticeable and clarify customers on that process for an improved experience.

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